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Budget accommodation in Lüchow / Wendland

"Reeperbahn 11" as a navigation destination? A "Reeperbahn" in Lüchow? Yes, Lüchow has a small alley of the same name, located directly behind our small hotel / hostel. This is your destination. Whether work or vacation, family celebration or assembly, we have a comfortable bed for you, in inexpensive, clean rooms. From us it is 15 km to Salzwedel, 18 km to Dannenberg. Have a look around, flip through the guestbook, "step in" - you will like it.

You like to sleep quietly and yet centrally? Then you are right at our Wendenschänke. Our small family-run guesthouse is located only a three-minute walk from the market square at Bergstraße 26, where our family has run an inn for generations. Today we take care of Muttis Wendenschänke in our parents' house. Our guests can stay in the half-timbered house clean and inexpensive.

How our house looks like, you can see in the picture gallery. The impressions of some of our previous guests can be seen in the guestbook. Our hostel is located between Bergstraße and Lüchow's small alley Reeperbahn. It has its own parking lot directly at the house, which you can easily reach via the Reeperbahn. There you will also find our back entrance, Reeperbahn 11.

Storage facilities for your bicycle or motorcycle are also available in our own garages.

Lüchows Reeperbahn has only the name in common with the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, despite our room rental. At half past twelve at night it is still illuminated, but has been silent for a long time.

The hotel rooms adjacent to the Reeperbahn are at ground level. Our rooms in the front building are on the 1st floor and are quietly located facing the inner courtyard. Each room has a washing facility. 1 to 3 rooms share a bathroom, which is 2 to 6 meters close to the room doors. Alternatively: rooms with a 140 cm wide bed and own bathroom/WC. A TV set is available in all but one room.

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